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Our Home 

may be our Castle...


but there are times when our castles do not function or age as well as we do. Will we allow our once comfortable home 

become a confining prison with a restrictive drawbridge and floorplan that does not allow for easy access or mobility, or even visitors?  Doing so could force our hand and leave us with no choice but to move from our homes in order to live more comfortably and safely elsewhere.  For some, this is an appealing option, but for others, we would rather stay in the homes in which we have our roots, our memories...


Forward-Thinking Home Solutions, Sue Gruber, Aging in Place Corning NY

Our Goals are:


  • to empower our clients, by providing viable options for their future,

  • to help transform existing homes into "safe havens"...visitable homes designed to bring us

     peace-of-mind and provide us with comfort and ease-of-living, without sacrificing beautiful


  • to help build new homes that incorporate attractive, forward-thinking, intuitive, universal design


  • to educate the community and professional organizations



We are a fully insured member of the STHBRA (Southern Tier Home Builders and Remodelers Association), affiliated with the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and NYSBA (New York State Builders Association).


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